Your Best Life Beyond 50 Starts Here!

Are you living the life beyond 50 that you want to live? Are you happy, fulfilled, energized and excited to get up each morning to a brand new day? Are you feeling relevant, understood and valued as a 50+ woman or are you just going through the motions unsure of what this next phase of life will bring?

It’s been said that by the time we turn 50 our best years are behind us. As 50+ women we know that’s not true and science is backing us up on that. People now routinely live to 90 and living to 100 is not as uncommon as it used to be so 50 could truly be our “mid-life”. If you’re like me you want to make your life beyond 50 count and not just by staying alive and going through the motions but by living your best life ever. I can help you do that!

With my 1:1 coaching program “Best Life Beyond 50” we’ll work together to make sure your life beyond 50 is not left up to chance but created and lived exactly how YOU want to live it. We’ll do an honest assessment of where you are today, I’ll help you uncover the life beyond 50 you want to live then we’ll create goals and strategies to get you there. Sounds easy right? Not really. If it were, everyone would be living their best lives. The hard part is overcoming the obstacles and challenges created by habits, behaviors and beliefs you developed during your first 50 years that keep you stuck where you are today. Throughout this entire process we will do the deep work to uncover them, work through them and change them into new beliefs, habits and behaviors that support your exciting new life.

Throughout our time together I’ll provide the coaching, tools, resources and accountability you need to move toward Your Best Life Beyond 50. You’ll provide an open mind to new solutions and a willingness to stretch out of your comfort zone and take action.

Don’t waste another day going through the motions of a life that doesn’t excite you!  Commit to a better you and a better life by clicking the link below to book a no cost, no obligation, no pressure discovery call and I’ll show you the power of coaching!

What is life coaching?
Life coaches help people grow into their highest potential. Their job is to help individuals become the best versions of themselves, turn up the “extraordinary” and experience life to the fullest.

Why Is Life Coaching Important?
A great life coach can quickly and skillfully create an environment that lets you see blind spots – the beliefs, fears, doubts that are holding you back – and helps you to overcome internal and external barriers to happiness and fulfillment.

My favorite quote from Abraham Maslow.
Maslow said “what one can be one must be” What does he mean by this? Maslow said that our job in this life is to determine what the “must be” is and always be working to fill that gap from what or where you are now to get to the must be state. Because he said: “If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life”.

If you have a nagging feeling there is “more” to your life, the “more” you are looking for lies in the gap between who you are being and who you can become. Always be working toward the very best version of you and you will close that gap and eliminate that feeling of “there has to be more”.

What is your “must be” version of you? I can help you figure it out.

Click the link below to book a no cost, no obligation, no pressure discovery call and I’ll show you the power of coaching!